Weather Information System of Central Weather Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications

Since 1983, IISI has been assisting the Central Weather Bureau to compete a four-phase computerization project for years to improve weather watch operation, accuracy in weather forecast and weather services. It helps operators to equip with ability and knowledge in information technology for further development of weather services.

Phase I (1983-1989): Completing automatic system of weather operation by introducing Taiwan's first high-speed processing computer to build first generation weather forecast value system (with the effectiveness lasting for about three days)

Phase II (1990-1994): Continuing the promotion of computerization of weather services by building weather services network and affiliated weather services station network to provide effective forecast lasting longer than five days; meanwhile, developing Weather Integration and Nowcasting System(WINS) with Forecast Systems Laboratory (FSL) of the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for real-time integration function and gradually reducing yearly output of paper weather map to enter the stage of zero paper operation

Phase III (1995-2001):Enhancing integration of computer network of Weather Bureau, weather forecast value, typhoon route forecast technology and real-time weather information to build weather radar connective system, develop statistics forecast report, improve storage management system of weather data, and develop comprehensive weather services system; in addition, improving responsive abilities to disaster weather and resolution of weather forecast value system and providing more accurate forecast report for near term period

Phase IV (2002-2009):Developing the model of near-term weather forecast, building weather monitor assistance system, severe weather monitor and analytic system

Phase V: From 2010 to 2015, IISI has dedicated itself to comprehensive development programs to facilitate public services and enhance the professionalism of meteorological data service systems. To enhance climate change monitoring in response to increased climate changes and to pursue continuous improvements to current weather forecasting models, IISI has improved marine meteorological forecast, enhanced disastrous weather forecast, strengthening decision-making processes and precision of weather forecasting tools, and expanded processes for supporting typhoon forecast.




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