Research and Development Substitute Service System Labor Outsourcing of National Conscription Agency, Ministry of the Interior

To effectively make use of the professionalism and potential of research and development (R&D) draftees in response to national economic development policies and to improve overall R&D capacity and competitiveness of industries, IISI accepted a commission from the National Conscription Agency (NCA) of the Ministry of the Interior to develop and setup an operational data system for policies governing R&D substitute services since 2005. Contents of this service includes: System operating mechanisms that include planning, implementation, operation, maintenance, and consultation (complaint) services. The service also includes digitalization and non-digitalization tasks of application / review / allocation of personnel to employing units, registration / selection / approval of conscript placements, as well as management assessment, rewards, and penalties processes for R&D substitute services draftees and their employing units.

In 2015, IISI also accepted a project to plan an operational framework and setup a data system for industrial training and reserve of substitute services to improve policy implementation of the NCA of the Ministry of the Interior in gathering quality professionals and deploying them in intelligence and consulting services for the industry.


Project effectiveness

This project created a system capable of effectively assessing the skills of various service draftees and has them work in R&D organizations of various industries, helping to provide continuous training of R&D professionals / technical management and supervisors, improve technical competences, and attain overall enhancements of business advantages and competitiveness of the high-tech sector.


Conscription Agency, Ministry of the Interior