Resident Information System for the Department of Household Registration, Ministry of the Interior

Before computerization, household registration and conscription information were maintained manually by relevant agencies on paper. It was time and labor consuming with high ratio of mistakes and lack of service efficiency.

To solve the above problems, Ministry of the Interior in July, 1993 set up "Household Registration and Conscription Information Promotion Group" to start promotion and with the assistance of IISI and relevant industry, in September 1997, National RIS was completed and reached the landmark achievement. In 2004, in coordination with innovative network service police promoted by the government, "e- Household Registration and Conscription Information Project" was initiated to include innovative services and upgrading of system structure as well as hardware and software.

In 2009, the arrival of the age of digital economy has led to other issues of incorporating government knowledge management, planning of supporting measures for public administration, revolutionizing governing practices, and improving government department operational efficiency. The “Project for Strengthening and Promoting the Applications of the Household Registration and Conscription Information System” has been established to cater to these issues. The Project included reformation of system software framework, created a robust remote backup system, strengthened e-government data protection, and expanded interactive services to assess public opinions.

After household registration and military service conscription data were digitalized, other government agencies in need of these data were also linked to it. As part of the e-government policy, a system to link these various applications, an e-gateway for these household registration and conscription data, and connecting interfaces were built as well. These interfaces currently allow over 1,000 public agencies to access the household registration and conscription data systems.




Department of Household Registration, Ministry of the Interior