Remote Healthcare System for the Taipei City Government

Taipei City Government is working together with Taipei City Hospital to establish a remote healthcare service platform and provide residents with effective and high quality healthcare and nursing services. The system will build personal healthcare awareness for the general public, improve overall health standards, reduce medical expenses, save medical resources, promote the development of healthcare and peripherals industry, and enhance the image of the City.

Configuration diagram of the service platform

Services Contents

Healthcare Service and Assessment

Operating mode diagram of overall health-care service
(user's measurement)

Using the Multi-layer Video Customer-service to Provide Remote Care
Based on the data returned by the physiological measurement equipment, the medical staff in the call center provides remote care services, and transfer to the healthcare consulting team for advice when needed.

Operating-mode diagram of remote-care customer service center
(user calls for help)

Operating-mode diagram of remote-care customer service center
(The center actively makes the remote-care)


Multi-institute Common Service Platform

Seamless Customer Service Design

Integrated Terminal Equipment and Software

Creating a Sustainably-Operating Healthcare Service


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