IBM Outsourcing Services

Lotus Company was merged into IBM Company as an business unit in 2003 and supplies the integration application of Domino/Notes database products. Its target clients are enterprise which requires software services like office productivity system and data warehousing. etc…

Our company has held coordination meetings across different divisions for several times since we accepted the urgent request from our customer in order to find out the effective solution and ensure to satisfy the customer's requirement. We have come out a complete series of solution by meticulous analyzing:

Before the project personnel start to serve in customer side, to make sure our project personnel has the critical technical ability and mature working quality and attitude, IISI had held two Entry Level Training (ELT) workshops for intensive training for Domino/Notes technology. We employed the members of internal Domino/Notes team as the instructors, and designed a series of course including work notice and regulations, Software Development Procedure and Life Cycle, Windows and Linus system related training, Basic and Advanced application training of Domino/Notes, System management and Element Development training of Domino/Notes, and The CFA Customer's Service unique training. The training interval lasted for 3 weeks for each class, and the technology education hours are two-thirds among the total interval. We also designed the middle-time test and final test to effectively control the training quality and personnel status.


The challenge that comes to Domino/Notes after Lotus acquired into IBM are keeping the existing customers and changing original work model and procedure to form a robust and solid development department in a short time. and become one of IBM's important resolutions. So the most important challenge is to establish a large developing and testing team in a short time.


After performing the solution, our company provided 40 professional tech engineers for customers to perform related project of Domino/Notes. Our company had also become the most solid partner with our customer. This is the best example of win-win for both of us.

The benefits of this project are as followed: