Ticketing System for China Railway Corporation

In response to Big Data development trends and customer requirements, IISI has integrated VMware solutions and proposed comprehensive solutions for clients in various sectors. The following lists several success stories:

The customer service center website (www.12306.cn) of China Railway Corporation serves as an important customer service counter, offering various passenger and freight transport services as well as public information searches. The system was based upon the Sybase database. Despite years of system optimization efforts, the vast amounts of data and complex search logic (with 1 ticket having up to one thousand search rules) meant that even a reduction of 1 ticket would lead to changes in matching rules. Given the large number of users, which reached a record of 1.5 billion visits / day during the 2013 Chinese New Year holidays, there is a need to reduce system loading. A 10-minute cache was established at the WEB layer but this compromised system synchronization and led lags in the real-time inquiry, generating a large number of customer complaints.

To solve these issues, the IISI Nanjing IMC team developed a solution that synchronizes database changes to GemFire clusters that uses in-memory features to accelerate data processing. Key points of this proposal include: 

The restructured system was successfully deployed to the production environment to provide all ticketing search operations. Search result accuracy has been improved while remaining ticket query performance has been improved 100-fold. Overall system performance is now capable of accommodating over 10,000 queries per second. The system can also easily undergo horizontal expansions to cater to continuous increase in usage volumes.