AR Smart Tourism and Tour Guiding

The tourism industry and related companies are focusing upon technological advancements that may be used to develop smart tourism and generate tourist environments and smart new services of higher quality. However, many tourism related apps and software offered on the market gave only limited operations as well as simple text and picture-based information. User adherence to these platforms would be relatively low, resulting in low usage rates after APP release.

The AR Smart Tourism and Tour Guiding developed by IISI aimed to provide tourism information on the locations and offer users with novel modes of operation. The app not only provided text and picture-based information, but also incorporated augmented reality (AR) technologies that offered an interactive experience blending both the real and virtual worlds. The app also included iBeacon Bluetooth 4.0 technology. When arriving at an area, the user is provided with active push notification so that he or she may enjoy the services offered anywhere, anytime.

This software system must be utilized via a cellphone and is currently released to iOS and Android operating systems. Service providers need only upload their developed JDK or IPA files on the relevant platforms. Users can then download them to their hand-held mobile devices as required. Future plans include the incorporation of 3D technology so that this smart tour guiding service app could provide visually engaging information and contents for the users to admire from different perspectives and deliver a unique visual experience.



The biggest feature of this app is its use of augmented reality (AR) technology. This technology allows users to use a hand-held device to expand virtual information into physical space. Instead of replacing physical space, AR seeks to add virtual objects within it. Cellphone camera identification technology and programming were combined so that when the prescribed picture appears on screen, a corresponding 3D virtual object would appear. In other words, this technology uses real-time computing to determine the position and angle of the camera image and combines it with the corresponding picture, and its purpose is to integrate virtual reality into the physical world for added interaction, revolutionizing the traditional and bland operational models.

Applicable Sectors

This Smart Tourism and Tour Guiding app offers an extremely wide range of applications. Any tourist destination, theme park, shopping mall, department store, science centers, museums of any size, metro stations, cities, and any other venue related to tour guiding would be able to use this app. This is the best tool and option for smart tour guiding.


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