Safeguard for Privileged Sessions (SPS)

Safeguard for Privileged Sessions (SPS), a product distributed by the IISI, can effectively filter all behaviors by intercepting and monitoring sessions from the client to the server. With its five major functions, we may use SPS to detect user's improper operation, investigate the status and prevent malicious activities.


Movie-like playback: Using session for data restructuring
Quick search: Supporting full screen OCR / Context search
Tamper proof audit trails: Encrypted / Digitally signed / Time stamped
Monitoring & Alerts
Monitoring: Keyword filtering (command, screen content)
Warning: Immediate termination or send you an alert
Access Control
Access control: who-source IP/ what-communication protocol/ when - time / where -Target IP
Real-time monitoring: Access right granted/ Real-time monitoring/ Connection termination
Authentication control: Integrating existing account management system
High-quality Report
Content-based: Screenshots are generated for searching results
Report complying with standards: Reports meet [Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards] (PCI DSS) standard
Adjustable report: It allows to add or adjust chapter, title or content



Applicable Sectors

Financial sector, telecommunication, Hi-Tech manufacturing and other industries that requires to safeguard their internal key data access. With Safeguard for Privileged Sessions (SPS), we may audit and monitor privileged accounts for suspicious activity.


A great number of European companies in telecommunication, financial, IT, and other sectors have used SPS for many years. (SPS, formerly known as SCB)