IISI receives “Excellent Organization Award” for promoting and implementing the R&D substitute services program


For its excellent performance in supporting, promoting, and implementing industrial training programs for substitute servicemen, IISI was selected as a recipient of the Excellent Organization award and publicly received a medal and commendations from the Ministry of the Interior (MOI) during the 73rd National Service Day Celebrations and Award Ceremony that took place in the previous day.

To support national development policies, ensure effective utilization of professional research and development (R&D) skills of Taiwan’s servicemen, and improve R&D capabilities and competitiveness of Taiwan’s industries, the IISI was commissioned by the MOI National Conscription Agency in 2005 to establish an R&D Substitute Services Project Office. The purpose of the office was to support the implementation and operations of the R&D Substitute Services System and to setup and maintain the relevant information system. Since 2015, the National Conscription Agency began expanding industrial training for substitute servicemen as it pursues a policy for comprehensive and effective utilization of national servicemen. First-rate talents recruited in the program were deployed to NGOs, government agencies, public research institutions, colleges and universities, administrative entities, and research companies where they could fulfill their duties and obligations.

During the promotion and implementation phases, IISI served as a government think tank, and achieved high levels of recognition and satisfaction for its professionalism, implementation, performance, and services from the directing agencies of National Conscription Agency and the Board of Science and Technology (BOST), Executive Yuan, servicemen employers, and the servicemen themselves.