The Best among hundreds of thousands IISI won the Outstanding Business Entity Award


International Integrated Systems, Inc. (IISI) exceled from hundreds of thousands of business entities and won the 2018 Outstanding Business Entity Award from the National Taxation Bureau of Taipei. The National Taxation Bureau of Taipei specifically held the “2018 New Taipei Outstanding Business Entity Award Presentation Ceremony and Conference of Optimal Solution of Income Tax” at the end of September at Conference Hall of at the 10th floor of the Banqiao Office. Director Wang Hsiu-Chung hosted the event and cited the outstanding business entities and expressed the gratitude to the outstanding business entities in their great support of the government in the uniform invoice policy and measures on behalf of the Minister of Finance. 

CFO Hsieh Wen-Yu of IISI represented the Company to receive the citation and mentioned that the statistics compiled by the National Taxation Bureau indicated that there are 237,592 business entities in New Taipei and only 46 of them were chosen as outstanding business entities. Indeed, this award is very meaningful to IISI. As compared with other industries in the creation of business performance, which could produce the services or products in the factories, or through the delivery and replication of the central kitchen like retailing, construction, automotive or chain restaurants, that entrance to the service process could accumulate revenues, it is very different for data communication companies like IISI. The customers receiving services are public service sector, medical care, financial information, telecommunication network, smart transportation, and disaster prevention monitoring and control, which are in the domain of a smart city. It would be difficult to reproduce customized smart applications solutions or data communication services and the merge of professional knowledge, wisdom, and effort of the shareholders and all colleagues of IISI will be the only way to yield high quality gold. As such, the outstanding performance of IISI implies the value created by knowledge economy and soft power, which is extremely meaningful. For this reason, we highly treasure the recognition given from the award, and will continue to encourage ourselves to run the operation in good faith and continue to service our customers to perform even better. 

Caption: Director Wang Hsiu-Chung of National Taxation Bureau of Taipei, Ministry of Finance (left) presents the award to CFO Hsieh Wen-Yu, Representative of IISI (right).