IISI rides the international trend of Internet of Vehicles with the release of innovative product - InVignal


Upon the invitation of ITS Taiwan (Intelligent Transportation Society of Taiwan), IISI presented “InVignal” during the “ Innovation Technology Seminar: IOT involving Humans, Vehicles, and Roads” held at the Science and Technology Service Building on June 18, 2019, sparking participants’ interest. The name InVignal is a combination of English words “In Vehicle Signal”, meaning to bring traffic signals into the driver's seat. IISI Vice President of Technology Service Department Mark Hsiao, said that in line with the development of Internet of Vehicles (IoV) and automatic driving technology, making the real-time traffic light information intelligent can bring greater industrial benefits to maps, navigation, car manufacturers, logistics and autonomous car businesses, as well as other related industries.


Vehicle drivers often have to stop frequently due to red lights or get into dangers when they fail to notice the changes of traffic signals due to their distraction. Therefore, the drivers have higher demand for information services provided by the IoV. To address the need, IISI launched In-Vehicle Signal and Messaging Platform known as InVignal to provide the signal status and seconds timer forecast and the reminders on road conditions along the driving route. Through the integration of navigation or Telematics, InVignal allows drivers to keep track of intersection signals and road conditions to facilitate smooth and safe driving.

IISI has cultivated information systems planning and development in smart city for more than 30 years. Its core concept is to create value for others and to help build a convenient lifestyle for everyone. Its innovative product, InVignal, is a platform focused on the "transportation". InVignal adopts signal simulation and cloud-computing technologies to let maps, navigation, logistics and other industries provide higher quality service for more precise route planning. Car manufacturers and autonomous vehicle businesses are able to integrate active safety equipment and automatic driving technologies to prevent vehicular accidents, thus improving traffic safety. Traffic authorities can optimize traffic management systems and integrate priority vehicles (such as ambulances, police cars, and buses) so as to enhance transportation efficiency.

InVignal was granted funding from the “Smart City Taiwan”, supported by the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs. In cooperation with the Taipei City Traffic Engineering Office, it is also set to provide real-time single information in 2,500 intersections in the whole Taipei City as the service area; such service area will be expanded later on to other cities. For more product information on InVignal, please visit www.invignal.com.

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