IISI helps the Ministry of Transportation and Communications to grow the output value of Transport data 10 times in 5 years


To promote cross-border cooperation in the transportation data ecosystem, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) recently hosted the "Transportation Technology Industry Forum - New Vision for Data Navigation" at the international conference center of the MOTC. Lin, Chia-Lung, Minister of MOTC, led the establishment of the "Transportation Data Ecosystem Cooperation Alliance" along with important domestic and foreign representatives of data and information industries. The invited members which included ITS Taiwan, Chunghwa Telecom, Far EasTone Telecommunications, IISI, Microsoft, and Amazon AWS, among others expressed their eagerness to work together to build the most outstanding transportation data ecosystem in the world.

Minister Lin revealed in his speech that the transportation big data industry is an important foundation for the technology industry, which he actively promoted after being sworn into office as Minister of MOTC. Motivated by the public sector to open the transportation data, the Minister encourages collaboration with the private sector through industry dialog and communication, along with innovative AI technology to develop unlimited potential for the transportation technology and service industries.

Minister Lin emphasized that the MOTC has huge historic and real time data, so it should conduct it first as a good example of using AI in the decision-making process to improve the quality of government administration. The MOTC collaborates with the public transport authority in commissioning IISI to develop and deploy the “Public Transport Data eXchange (PTX)”, as an example of such collaboration.

The “Public Transport Data Exchange (PTX)” has been operating online for 4 years. It systematically integrates historic and real time data of roads, rails, aviation, shipping, travelling, meteorology, air quality, etc. that closely relate to the lives of citizens, by means of internationally accepted 4-star open data standard format for public open application. It has also successfully driven more than 500 value-added enterprises in the country and abroad to join the transport data service industry; and since then, the daily number of connections has reached 2.5 million, and the daily number of data has reached 500 million. The MOTC further promotes the concept of “Transport Data Marketplace” to extend the building of the Public Transport Data Exchange (TDX), and aggregates much more real time traffic data, parking data and public transport ticket and other data that people greatly require.

Fan, Chang-Kang, the CEO of IISI, one of the co-organizers of the Transportation Technology Industry Forum, pointed out that IISI has accumulated more than 30 years of system deployment technology and software develop momentum, and provides substantial contribution to the promotion of intelligent processes by taking part in the planning, deployment, and maintenance of relevant information system, thereby achieving faster a customer-triggered intelligent application service vision that can benefit more end users. CEO Fan said that IISI is quite honored to take part in the deployment of the Public Transport Data eXchange (TDX) of the MOTC, and wished that the PTX would achieve an important milestone at the current stage. As for the subsequent Public Transport Data eXchange (TDX), IISI will give full measure to assist the MOTC in implementing a one-stop service that will create a new future for a full-scale circulation of the Transport Data Exchange.


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