The banking sector is facing rapid changes and increasingly global competition in its market services and processes, and would thus needs to be well aware of market requirements to offer quality customer services. Banks also need to be able to respond quickly to any changes and come up with innovative products, and this can only be achieved with excellent internal data management and analytical capacities. The Report On Demand (ROD) System was created to cater to such needs.

ROD is capable of satisfying process management and data report requirements at every level within banks, offering a more flexible and user friendly report management solution connected to branches of every level. ROD provides the client with a system capable of conveniently generating, printing, and delivering reports for different management aspects while maintaining the relevant confidentiality required.

System Architecture

N-Tier architecture is adopted to partition the system into the client end, the application server, and database server. Users could easily utilize services offered by the system through their Internet browsers, dispensing with the need to install other programs. Remote backup services can also be provided according to client requirements.


  1. Improve work efficiency
    – Only common technologies used in the industry are employed. No special software has been used.
    – Immediate conversion of online reports and data.
    – WEB-based interface with great user-friendliness.

  2. Improve system compatibility
    – Hosts (AFP and TXT)
    – OPEN end (PDF, WORD, EXCEL…) with great future expandability

  3. Improve system safety
    – Comprehensive monitoring functions
    – Comprehensive Log system

  4. Provide high level personal data security
    – Hidden code and watermark systems
    – Authorization control and effective hierarchal data management

  5. Meet digitalization policies
    – Online approval and signing processes
    – Includes mail, online announcement, and commentary functions.

Applicable Sectors


Businesses that can use this solution

Companies that use a large number of reports

Banks, property insurance, and life insurance companies

Companies with large volumes of client information

Banks, healthcare organizations, and public agencies

Companies that require authorization as well as digital signature and approval

Healthcare organizations and public agencies

Companies with many branch offices

Banks and telecommunication companies


CTBC Bank, Mega International Commercial Bank, Hua Nan Bank, Land Bank of Taiwan, First Commercial Bank, Taiwan Cooperative Bank, Taipei Fubon Bank, and Taiwan DBS Bank