Consultant Services

To maintain corporate competitiveness, more and more businesses have initiated digitalization services to improve their service workflows and enhance process efficiency. However, IT environments are becoming increasingly complex while cloud applications and services are becoming more and more diverse, resulting in increasing difficulties of system setup as well as software and hardware integration. Safety concerns such as emerging viruses, Trojans, and hackers also meant that basic digital system setup is no longer able to satisfy integrated requirements for IT administration. To cater to growing expectations for personal data and information security requirements amongst customers and government authorities, businesses need to consider integrating information system inspections and queries from a management point of view.

IISI has over 20 years of experience in system development, setup, and administration, and provides the latest consultation services for information security and management for Information Security Management System (ISMS). IISI provides customized consultation tailor made to the client’s requirements to enhance administrative performance.

Consultant Team

The IISI consultant team has extensive experience in system operations, maintenance, and external consultation to help clients establish their own ISMS systems.


The IISI consultant team is extremely experienced in planning and setting up large-scale information systems. Our team is able to draw upon their immense knowledge bank and know-how in software engineering and information safety to propose practical corporate solutions according to our client’s business objectives. The team also introduces best practices to improve existing workflows and audits actual processes during consultation to diagnose and identify any gaps to help process streamlining and to propose optimal software development and information security workflows for businesses. IISI also helps train corporate process administration professionals capable of employing their core techniques and competences.