ICB Bond and Bill Clearing and Settlement System

ICB Bond and Bill Clearing and Settlement System is the new generation securities delivery operation solution which coordinates with the bank requirements of clearing and delivery for ticket deposit investors, and refers to the application system specification of Taiwan Depository & Clearing Corporation. The system provides clearing banks and investors for the dealing of various NTD and USD securities, including trading commercial paper (CP1), financing commercial paper (CP2), bank acceptance (BA), bank negotiable certificates of deposit (NCD), asset backed commercial paper (ABCP), etc., as well as the delivery, redemption, pledge and settlement operations of company bond and financial bond.


The architecture of ICB Bond and Bill Clearing and Settlement System includes: investors account management, primary market, secondary market, redemption, pledge settings/cancellations, and court attachment/release operations, etc. These functions are described as follows:



  • Providing convenient transaction operation
    • Computer connection automatic operation to increase the speed of transaction processing significantly
    • Reducing manual working costs and errors to reduces the risks of damage, storage, forging
    • Using collected registration for storage and account remittance operation to improve securities delivery efficiency
  • Improving business operation benefits
    • Increasing the income of investors account management fees and surcharges
    • Expanding bank service items and tickets business operation synergy
    • Enhancing the application efficiency of flowing funds
    • Reducing the risks of transaction and delivery 
  • Protecting settlement delivery environment
    • Improving the efficiency and safety of securities settlement delivery and custody operations
    • Using the payment and tickets synchronic delivery mechanism (Delivery Versus Payment, DVP), to effectively reduce the delivery risk
    • Centralized redemption to avoid risk of duplicate funding


  • Bank of Taiwan
  • Chang Hwa Bank
  • Taishin Bank