PSP Depository Payment Service Banking System

The PSP Depository Payment Service Banking Operating System is built in accordance with banking business needs and the specification of "Payment Service Platform – Interface Specification for Payment Banks" from Taiwan Depository & Clearing Corporation (TDCC). Banks may link with the TDCC through the Payment Service Platform (PSP) to provide investors with service of principal and interest payments due to maturity of international bond trading or the purchase/redemption of offshore funds and other payment operations.


The architecture of PSP Depository Payment Service Banking Operating System includes principal and interest payment transfers of international bonds, the purchase/redemption of offshore funds and chops verification process, as described in the following:

  • Principal and Interest Payment Transfer of International Bonds:
    Assisting investors with the direct transfer of principal and interest payments of international bonds into investor depository accounts.
  • Offshore Funds Purchase/Redemption:
    Providing investors with single/regular purchase or the deduction / income operations of offshore funds redemption.
  • ffshore Funds Chop Verification Process:
    Providing investors with chop verification process for the regular purchase of offshore funds with automatic debit for the banks that authorize payment.


  • Real-time connection between the system and the banking account host and complete automation between offshore funds and payments of international bonds to reduce human error and manual operation costs.
  • Combining with banking chop verification system to improve convenience for operators in cross-system chop verification and remarks.
  • Integrating with Investor Custodian Bank (ICB) on the same operating host and encryption/decryption or network equipment to reduce redundant investment in hardware resources.
  • Complying with depository specifications and security control requirements, complete functions and standardization, and excellent operating efficiency.


  • Increasing Business
    • Increasing account savings within the bank thus reducing increase in costs coming from fund sources.
    • Assisting banks with expansion in foreign exchange settlement business.
    • Enhancing interaction between banks and peer industries.
    • IT automation that reduces manual costs.
  • Collection of investors' Taiwan NT Dollars and foreign currency purchase (and redemption) payments to increase deposit performance.
  • Increasing Fee Income
    • NTD/Foreign Currency Change fee income
    • Income from authorization, debit and chop verification
    • Income from single debit or batch charge transfer
  • Improving Customer Service Quality
    • Providing existing accounts with investment in offshore funds to reduce customer turnover.
    • Developing potential customers in investing in offshore funds without opening accounts.
    • Providing customers with diverse, high efficiency and low cost payment services to improve customer satisfaction.


  • Chang Hwa Bank
  • Taishin Bank