Credit Process Solution

Credit Process solutions are the lifeline and key element to the profitability of the banking business where operational performance is dependent on credit asset quality and risk assessment. Therefore, IISI provides a complete business credit solution beginning with customer development, credit processing, valuation, credit review, post-loan management, defaults and collection processing, etc., in order to assist banks with up-to-date client application progress and credit approval information, streamlining business credit application process, reducing risk while increasing operational performance.


  • A modular system design that can operate independently and can be integrated as a part of the entire financial holding system while linking internal and external banking systems to provide extended access to other systems for credit scoring and risk assessments to obtain sufficient information for credit processing, and therefore reducing operational risk.
  • Automatic self adjusting review process system allows changes in the application process without modifying system programming to provide flexibility.
  • Increasing system security by setting information access control and warning signals.
  • Digitizing all credit application forms to drastically reduce paper usage and reduce cost.
  • Enhancing operational control capability by facilitating information search function and convenient processing of all credit and default information.

Major Solutions

  • eLoan Workflow Management System
  • iCollection System
  • Housing Loan Approval System
  • Real Estate Automated Valuation Model System


E. Sun Bank, Taiwan Cooperative Bank, Chinatrust Commercial Bank, Mega International Commercial Bank, Bank of Taiwan, Citibank, Taiwan Exchange