eLoan Workflow Management System

eLoan Workflow Management System provides the effective loan management for corporate finance and consumer finance. eLoan is a new generation of the lending system. Information of credit check and credit line is with the single case management. Therefore, the management and tellers are able to examine the case list promptly, control the latest situations, and upgrade loan efficiency.

The system has a web based interface and contains flexible and convenient operations and powerful system expansion to integrate and link internal and external systems, to provide prompt search and check function, and realize information summary, implementation and management. Bankers may control and trace the status of each loan by this comprehensive eLoan, which can also be integrated and implemented into the system of a financial holding company. eLoan can extend credit ratings and risk control as well, and create a sound credit system and reduce risk.


The functional structure of eLoan includes the following three tiers:

  • Top tier: Linking to the bank system
    The external system that links to this sytem for data exchange includes bank security control settings, total parameter settings, bank credit information, customer account informaiton, and joint credit information/letter credit data. The top tier is the data source of query for the system.
  • Middle tier: eLoan module
    The Middle Tier is the core of the eLoan. All credit information inside and outside the bank is consolidated in one case for quality control through a consistent interface, which effectively controls and upgrades customer quality through data centralization technology. In addition to acceleration of the case process, it helps construct integrated credit control base intangibly and upgrade overall bank credit business value.
  • Low tier: System access setup
    Setting up user access in accordance with bank security control/parameters, including the component authorities of corporate finance and consumer finance, branch business unit, audit unit, and maintenance unit.


  • Designing interfaces from the viewpoint of users for easy access without installing any system program to minimize teller education fees.
  • In addition to assigning cases automatically, the system can summarize credit information and disclose the status of case in process clearly.
  • Providing flexible process configuration module, so no system programming is needed for process change, that is, the case review process is adjusted automatically.
  • Web based interface development and centralized management helps branches save the system deployment cost of the operational side.
  • Providing multiple statistical and analytical functions with reports generated daily, monthly, semi-annually, and annually.
  • Printing out standard contracts and forms automatically to save time in typing manually.


  • Providing diversified management reports to minimize loan risk.
  • eLoan helps save paper waste and enhance operational efficiency.
  • Integrating bank internal systems and link to bank external system for providing comprehensive credit information promptly.
  • Real-time credit-check and the automatic assignment of cases helps bank tellers perform properly.
  • Friendly interface makes it easy-to-use and easy-to-learn. Also, it helps improve the efficiency of the tellers.

Representative Clients

  • E. Sun Bank
  • Taiwan Cooperative Bank
  • Chinatrust Commercial Bank