iCollection System

iCollection System is planned in accordance with the concept of account holder-orientation and provides the functions of automatic case assignment, collection information disclosure, product holder information integration, and accounts management enforcement to fulfill collection setup of all products. It is also in concert with the policy change of the banks and component authorities, and it formulates adequate collection strategy as well. iCollection System is combined with diversified external systems within the bank, integrated for the tasks of phone collection, letter collection, visiting collection, collection agency, and legal collection in fulfilling the purpose of centralized management and consistence of information. Also, it strengthens the control of collection operations, and improves the sector's collection performance.


iCollection System includes case management, account management, legal collection process, performance report management, outsourcing management, and system management for the functions illustrated as follows:
  • Case management Person in charge may define case assignment criteria for assigning cases to the component collectors.
  • Accounts management Linked with credit and bank host for instant query on account information. Also, for account hiking, profit sharing, and installation payment setup in accordance with collection needs.
  • Legal collection process For the collections in legal phase, access to the file, generate legal papers, and designate regulatory personnel to handle follow-up legal work.
  • Performance report management Generating performance report in accordance with the amount collected, to individually inspect the recovery and deterioration of the collection state.
  • Outsourcing management Conducting data exchange with the outsourcing company, to generate authorization document, performance award data in accordance with the outsourcing collections, and share profits with the manufacturers.
  • System management In addition to general system interface, case group, authorization, function, and text message are parameterized. Variables menu in the transaction page is parameterized and the system retains maximum flexibility.


  • Operations
    • iCollection System is planned in accordance with the concept of account holder-orientation to integrate the collections of all bank products.
    • Providing flexibility to accept cases and manage cases division.
    • Integrating accounts management and provides comprehensive accounts process.
    • Comprehensive collection auxiliary operations can link follow-up processes after collections.
    • Providing comprehensive collection information and consistent departmental data to speed up case processing.
  • Management strategy
    • Centralized collection strategy with strategy release and monitoring provided
    • Collection strategy can give feedback with reference value and rating provided.
    • Adjusting collection strategy comprehensively in response to the changes in collection strategy.
  • Technical structure
    • Providing Web interface without the need of system programming.
    • Providing comprehensive external link and satisfies data exchange with external system.
    • System is highly flexible with parameterized structure design for adjusting collection projects and functions in response to the actual practice. Also, it is for shortening the reaction time to policy changes.


  • Reducing the cost of personnel and communication
    • Reducing manual work and generate reports automatically by introducing system automation.
    • Standard operation procedures helps reduce communication time and cost.
  • Improving operating efficiency and performance
    • Assigning collection cases automatically and keep track of the progress of collection.
    • Supervisor may adjust collection policy at any time for realizing short period performance.


  • Chinatrust Commercial Bank