Postal Windows Automation System

Postal Windows Automation System effectively improves the efficiency of the postal service window, enhances postal service management, and strengthens competitive abilities. Integrating hardware and peripheral equipment such as PC servers, PC workstations, high speed Chinese/English dot-matrix printer, MO drive, thermal transfer printers, electronic scales, and barcode scanners with IBM LANDP, IBM LAN Server and other systems software in the local area network (LAN) environment provides postal service windows with the operational abilities necessary. The connection with IBM host can track postal matter of special kinds, improve postal delivery time, and improve the efficiency of postal information processing.


  • Accepting and sending of domestic/international single and bulk registered mail
  • Accepting and sending of postage-paid bulk mail
  • Sealing and sending of mail
  • Mail management
  • Account management and statistics reports
  • Personal, business, and public postage management
  • Mailbox service
  • Registered mail retrieval
  • Advertisement reply
  • Shared peripheral equipment of electronic scales and thermal transfer printers
  • Backup/recovery
  • Software update/maintenance


  • Integrated peripheral equipment, to improve efficiency of the postal service window.
  • Integrated backstage systems software and operational functions, to improve operation convenience and to lower costs of manual operation.
  • Mail tracking mechanism, to better track postal status and ensure delivery.
  • Systems provide statistics reports, to strengthen service management and client needs analysis.


  • Postal service window automation, to improve competitive abilities.
  • Postal service window E-information, to strengthen postal management abilities.
  • Helps clients gain profits steadily and maintain business growth in the global competitive environment.


  • Chunghwa Post Co., Ltd