Saving & Remittance Business Date Exchange System

Saving & Remittance Business Date Exchange System is an interface system having account transfer data of external users forwarded to the host for processing by utilizing an internet processing host and business information exchange processing of external users. The system contains over ten thousand maintenance service practices, for example, the information exchange for customer's salary transfer, authorized transfer, and transfer of the authorities can be processed easily by this system.


Saving & Remittance Business Date Exchange System includes: client instruction, management instruction, business management operating system, upload to the host module, and host loopback processing module with the functions illustrated as follows:

  • Client instruction
    Graphical user interface has automatic updates, downloads, real-time data feedback, historical data, and data upload status check.
  • Management instruction
    Providing the mechanisms of account management, problem data management, data upload, manual download, and irregular mails management; also, it controls the status of data upload by business.
  • Business management operating system
    Setting up the function of customer configuration and application; also, it examines data processing conditions of the selected customers and manages second-tier account.
  • Upload to the host module and host loopback processing module
    Formatting the data uploaded to the host, processing host loopback data format or display by business, and translating it into Chinese code.


  • Providing compression and multi-encryption transmission mechanism to clients
  • Providing easy user interface
  • Providing multi-level management interface
  • Automatic function update mechanism to client
  • Automatic program update mechanism to client
  • Continuous function expansion


  • Simplifying account transfer process at the host.
  • Enhancing postal transfer service.
  • Improving postal savings and remittance business.
  • Simplifying customer maintenance service.


  • Chunghwa Post Co., Ltd.