Security Control Integration Solution

International Integrated System, Inc. (IISI) has been dedicated to security mechanism R&D in the financial industry for over two decades, and holds many of the leading security software, hardware module technologies, and integrated services. Indeed, IISI provides the financial industry with a high-quality integrated solution for security control. The said integrated solutions for security control include remittance business for financial information companies, ATM service, credit card validation, and OPC of Taiwan Depository & Clearing. The solutions also support the security control mechanism of all types of bank transactions.


  • Supporting multiple standard hardware security modules and the security application of software structure.
  • Configuring system software and hardware portfolio structure flexibly in accordance with customer's budget and demands.
  • Supporting open-type and IBM mainframe and adjusting it in accordance with the status of the customer's hardware security module.
  • Providing of group operating mechanism and motion detects the operation of group server.
  • Providing IC card process control and supporting standard finance/credit card code specification.
  • Structure can be integrated easily to connect multiple application interfaces including Socket/HTTP/WebService/LU62.

Major Solutions

  • DES Encryption and Decryption Application Components
  • Common Security Provider
  • MSG Hub Platform


Financial Information Service Co., Ltd., Taiwan Cooperative Bank, Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Chinatrust Commercial Bank, Yuan Ta Bank, Taiwan Depository & Clearing, Cathay Bank, and The Shanghai Commercial & Savings Bank Ltd.