Common Security Provider

The application program of front-end application servers prepares data signature/encryption or two-way data confirmation through "security module" operation performance provided by Common Security Provider, linking to banking transaction servers using HTTPS via the client application system. The banking transaction servers call back back-end security control servers through the security interface to undergo the encryption/verification operation service, ensuring the integrity and non-repudiation of transaction details sent by customers and providing centralized encryption and decryption application systems.


  • Providing common platform for implementation of encryption/decryption, signature/verification, MAC and authentication MAC.
  • Providing multi-system integration control operations of "hardware distortion equipment" or "hardware" operations from the Socket/WebService/HTTP link interface.


  • Providing financial correspondent/ATM/credit card verification/depository OPC standardization security and control mechanism, in addition to supporting the security and control management mechanism of banking transactions.
  • Supporting PKCS11/JCE standard interface. The system simultaneously supports the operation of the different Hardware Security Module (HSM) to provide software service switch mode.
  • Providing group operating mechanism and dynamic detection group server operations.
  • Providing multi-system control and management operations.
  • Management interface for integrating system permission within the branch.


  • Integrating security and control service, strengthening the control level of internal operations to effectively prevent security vulnerability.
  • The system adopts group operation to reduce operational disruption and improve risk control ability.
  • Shared system hardware integration that reduces procurement costs and optimizes benefits.


  • Chinatrust Commercial Bank
  • Hua Nan Bank