MSG Hub Platform

MSG Hub Platform integrates multiple application systems with communication interface into one single system to simplify the complexity of the information exchange between application systems.


Applicable in different application systems, including: Accounting Host (IBM Mainframe), Credit Card Host, Messaging Host, Internet Banking, Audit System, Customer service system, voice banking, and contract stores. It provides the single and integrated messaging interface and communication protocols, such as Conversions between TCP/IP, SNA (LU0/LU6.2) and MQ, in addition to system log records and automatic activation and stop functions.


  • Load Balancing (MS NLB) mechanism with scalability.
  • Providing conversion between EBCDIC / ASCII and Chinese CodePage 950 / CodePage 937.
  • Providing different host choice for AIX / Windows to meet customer needs in system architecture.


  • Simplification of the interface connection among different application systems to reduce the complexity of information exchange.
  • Single messaging interface to increase management convenience.
  • Excellent integration and maintenance capability, enhancing system service efficiency.


  • Hua Nan Bank