Network TV and Digital Content Solution

Network TV is a multimedia content streaming service and interactive platform delivered over the Internet Protocol (IP). Through broadband networks such as ADSL or optical fiber, it could be displayed on set-top box / TV, PC, smartphone/ tablet, etc. and provides subscribers with a variety of contents like TV channels, movie on demand and life information.

Network TV divides the channels into groups and sets different rates. Hence, subscribers could choose any paid channels based on their viewing habits or preference. Users may also subscribe to video on demand (VOD), so they can watch the videos anytime. Network TV, a versatile 2-way interactive service, makes TV different from traditional one. It is even closer to audience's life and need.


Portal: Providing various network TV functions such as electronic program guide, TV channels, VOD, channel recording, program playback, and life information, etc.
N-Screen: Providing TV channels and VOD on PC, iOS and Android smartphone/tablet.
EMC: Providing electronic program guide and set-top box remote control on iOS and Android smart devices.
VSMT: VOD metadata, media planning, video package, and process management of ingesting / broadcasting of videos.
PGW: Responsible for provision and activation of subscribed TV channels and VOD services.
CMS: Providing automated media metadata and video file import and exchange process management for the content service platform.