Network Administration Solution

Large systems that range from telecommunication companies to many online service providers must be capable of responding to a great number of users simultaneously. Operational status, error notification, and system specified backups must be initiated without delay. This gave rise to the 5M–Fault Management (FM), Performance Management (PM), Configuration Management (CM), Accounting Management (AM),Security Management (SM), that is capable of collecting, storing, managing, and analyzing various operational data in order to achieve system monitoring, error prevention, error warning, as well as system backup and response.

The "Network Administration Solution" from IISI utilizes a network administration service platform as the basis for rapid generation of uniform templates for system logs, data collection, exception interception, and issuance of error messages. Data monitoring management systems can also be integrated into the system to provide equipment status monitoring (polling) and to receive and issue warnings and alerts, helping the client save time and costs in setting up their network monitoring and administration system.


The following describes various module functions: