Parking Information Management Solutions

Convenient Parking Space Finder

The parking guidance system promotes the efficient use of parking resources. The latest parking information is broadcast to a dynamic roadside display panel; telephone voice broadcast systems, smart phones and other terminal media, guiding vehicle drivers to the appropriate parking lot. Time spent driving around looking for parking spaces is, therefore, reduced, and the reliability of travel is enhanced. At the same time, traffic congestion, air pollution and fuel consumption are reduced.


The functions of the parking guidance system include monitoring the number of parking spaces, monitoring the state of guidance signs, monitoring CMS control rod operation, system configuration operation, record- keeping and reporting, etc. The system operator is capable of adjusting instantly the needs of parking spaces and maintaining information relevant to the parking lot. Therefore, it is more convenient for people to understand the lot's business hours, the total number of parking spaces, parking charges and vacant space in the parking lot, helping drivers find parking spaces more efficiently.




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