Branches Greeting System

Branches Greeting System simplifies the form-filling and key-in time of the transaction process between tellers and clients by providing clients with a simple interface to swipe book and card as well as linking their accounts to the calling system number. The integration of the branch system with functions such as certificate receipt voucher printing allows tellers to understand which transaction services are needed by the clients even before the clients arrive, thus creating a homey atmosphere for the client and at the same time also improving the external image of high quality service for the bank.


  • Multiple services calling: Displaying calling operations for different service areas such as foreign exchange, the service desk, and the financial specialist desk.
  • Digital panel interface: Broadcasting and switching of content integrating advertisements, interest rates, calling service and promotional messages from the branch.
  • VIP recognition service: Recognition of VIP clients via card swiping provides client with exclusive privileges.
  • Automatic form-filling service: The digitally filled information from the client can be automatically brought into the branch system.
  • Exchange rates printing service: In addition to number listing, printing service of interest rates in NT and foreign currencies is also provided.


  • Integrated branch circulation: Integrating related on-line service systems of different branches to a single platform and allowing service to be provided to the client through a single focal point, thus reducing the trouble of moving to different focal points for the client.
  • Branch system integration: The calling module can be directly embedded into the branch system and the filled form account and amount of clients will be automatically synchronized with system information.
  • Marketing assistance system integration: Real-time detection by the teller system can actively provide clients with referral marketing information.
  • Monitoring statistics and evaluation: Providing statistics on client counter contribution as well as service evaluation of teller service, marketing assistance, and referrals.


  • Marketing advertisement that immediately delivers business privileges and increases the exposure of business information.
  • Convenience for the teller who can actively recognize the name and identification of the client through the swiping of their card and increase service friendliness as well as customer satisfaction.
  • Managers grasp the waiting status of clients in real-time and immediately manage personnel to improve service efficiency.
  • The work ability and efficiency of tellers are shown in reporting lists, which is the reference used for performance evaluation.