Teller Branches System

Teller Branches System, one of the Bank Branches Solutions, is a front-end platform with the integration of front peripherals and different background peripherals to provide banks with the most effective business tools, while help customers realize business optimization with simple transaction processing logics. Also, Teller System helps effectively control personnel cost by lowering knowledge, technical, and training threshold for branch personnel. Moreover, the system is to support centralized structure, distributed structure, and distributed centralized structure. It also provides the same interface for processing customer's demands by centralized approach and fulfills the needs of banks in enhancing competitiveness while facing challenges after joining the WTO.


Function design principle

  • Customer-oriented transactions
    • Providing direct transaction function to the session of single user
    • Synthetic transactions (for example, charges, multiple accounts transfer)
    • Transaction chain (for example, time deposit withdrawal and notes issuance)
  • Improving the process of branch operations
    • Obtaining Multiple accounts information (data entry, card, bankbook, and user account search);
    • Particular type of transaction and limitation for each role;
    • Single authorization mechanism (Hosts and front);
    • Data printout of synthetic transactions;
    • Integration of related systems (seal system, CRM);
    • Simplifying branch shut off and balancing the book process;
  • Regionalized and parametric
    • Supporting bilingual printout and message display;
    • Multiple currencies support;
    • Supporting parameterized (such as, enact authorization restrictions, time deposit…), users may enact parameters discretionally;
    • General ledgers of financial transactions can be parameterized and generated automatically;
    • Minimizing the impact from the update of branch system complexity and host application;
  • General Ledger generated automatically
    • Simplifying the process of training required


  • Fast system development and easy system maintenance
  • Significantly reducing training time and increases the productivity of the counter staff.
  • Extending counter service hours and cash processing time by integrating with cash counters.
  • Simplifying the complex task procedures to process multiple transactions together instead of processing one transaction at a time.


  • Integrating back desk system and front desk operations to reduce overall cost.
  • Simplifying the complicated processes to accelerate staff education and training time from two weeks to three days.
  • Accelerating product market launch supported by trading development aids to shorten developing time from one week to three hours.


  • Singapore: United Overseas Bank
  • China:Bank of Qingdao, China Merchants Bank(Hong Kong Branch)
  • Taiwan: Chinatrust Commercial Bank, Taiwan Cooperative Bank, Taipei Fubon Bank, Cathay Bank, Yuan Ta Bank, and The Shanghai Commercial & Savings Bank Ltd.