IISI Smart Chatbot

With AI Technology, customer service is precise and efficitnt.

The development of AI technology facilitates communication between humans and machines. The application of AI assisted customer service to obtain real-time and precise answers has become a sharp competitive edge for enterprises. The IISI Smart Chatbot adopts advanced technology for intent analysis, allowing users to acquire service through webpages, Line, and Facebook messenger, as well as efficiently helps enterprises or agencies to achieve customer service goals at any time.

Applicable Sectors

The IISI Smart Chatbot is deployed in a wide range of industries, services and institutions. It provides the following solutions:

  • For customers/people who wish to get answers when applying for service, and who have difficulty understanding the application process, or who fail to find the application forms
  • For higher cost of customer service with less efficient results
  • For understanding internal processing regulations 
  • For current customer service robots with poor efficiency


The IISI Smart Chatbot features an excellent natural language processing technology, which identifies and analyzes user intent. It is also capable of dealing with multiple dialogs and responding promptly to customer queries. 



Supports Linux operating system