Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is based upon resource sharing and the Internet, allowing users to use various types of services anytime and anywhere. Cloud solutions offer quick and flexible deployment while allowing users to calculate service volumes. Existing cloud computing services can be divided into 3 major categories of software services, platform services, and infrastructure services. More and more businesses are using cloud computing to streamline business workflow and reduce management costs.

IISI is partnering with PaaS to create a cloud computing platform that features fast, safe, reliable, and expandable data access capable of supporting modern businesses and cloud applications. Public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud models for cloud computing can be deployed according to customer requirements. Such models can be used in various sectors such as financial services, online services, scientific research, and government cloud services. For example, to provide better traffic information, government institutions implemented cloud computing platforms to collect, process, and rapidly analyze large quantities of real-time traffic information. Results on the latest traffic conditions can then be provided to commuters through mobile computing. Long-term data analysis can also be used as an input for traffic planning to meet commuting requirements.

IISI has successfully employed this service in the available tickets and ticket purchasing system of the Ministry of Railways of China to improve the available ticket search of the system. Results include improved search accuracy and a 100-fold increase in inquiry efficiency. Overall system performance is capable of accommodating of over 10,000 queries per second, and this performance can be further increased with usage volume, providing the system owner with simple horizontal expandability.