Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is regarded as a critical technology that will unleash the next wave of advancements in the ICT industry. Sensors at end terminals can be connected through the Internet to create linkages and allow data transmission between people and things (machines, devices) as well as between things (hence, Internet of Things). Smart identification, positioning, tracking, surveillance, and administration can be achieved through the three major aspects of “sensors, networks, and applications” to offer intelligent real-time services.

IISI has employed near field communication technology, such as RFID, DSRC, and iBeacon, in the transportation, retail, and tourism sectors. Data collected from sensors are then relayed back to the platform for analysis and processing so that they may be converted into valuable knowledge to be used by the administrator or users. Such processes allow better use of resources and smarter decision making processes. IISI’s IoT services include cloud-based vehicle surveillance and scheduling, vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) application services, and smart tours / retail guidance services. The following information further elaborates these services:

Cloud-Based Vehicle Surveillance and Scheduling
GPS and mobile communication systems are combined with cloud computing and Big Data processing technologies. Vehicle administrators can rent vehicle computers from IISI's partners and use integrated platform functions that include reports generation, vehicle dispatch, surveillance of speeding, parking locations, video feeds, and vehicle records. Of these functions, the “vehicle dispatch module” is able to quickly find the best route between two locations, calculate distances, and identify locations along the way. A map API can also be used to display the results. This solution has already been successfully deployed in garbage and sanitation vehicle management and logistics centers to achieve effective vehicle fleet management, and our clients include the Department of Environmental Protection of Taoyuan City Government, RD&D Logistics Co., Ltd, Guang Zhou Seagull Kitchen and Bath Products Co., Ltd, Arich Enterprise Co., Ltd., and Wellcome Department Store Co., Ltd.

Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) Application Services
Using technologies of WAVE/DSRC and equipment installed at the side of roads or vehicles could be used for traffic data collection. Such data are then relayed back to the traffic control platform for processing and analysis for purposes of enhancing traffic signal priority control, accident response, and other traffic management strategies. Further uses include providing commuters with traffic information and safety services. The solution is able to provide alternative routes during traffic congestion and issue warnings for accident-prone sections of the road as well as safety alerts for any emergencies and collision prevention. IISI is currently working with its partners to support the Institute of Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) in the “Investigation and Pilot Simulation and Testing of a Road-Vehicle Integration and Application Model for National Intelligent Transport Systems” program. The road section from Provincial Highway 62 Interchange to the intersection with Jijin 2nd Road has been selected as the testing area, helping to establish safer and more efficient intelligent road environments.

Smart Tours / Retail Guidance Services
iBeacon and augmented reality (AR) technologies can be employed in the retail or tourism industries to provide local services such as informative tour guides and route finding. After detecting an iBeacon signal in the mall, the shopper’s phone app may then indicate the shopper’s current location. The shopper may then select a target destination and allow the app to automatically find the best route available. Shoppers may also use AR technology to acquire information on shopping goods, shopping locations, and other services, and enjoy friendly and convenient services and information anywhere, anytime.