Open Data

In an era with advanced technologies and extensive digitalization of information, information grows at an astonishing rate, creating many types and large volumes of data. Proper utilization of such Big Data has now become a key issue for both businesses and government agencies alike. Government policy planning, implementation, and results presentation also generate a large volume of valuable information and contents. The means of authorizing the editing and dissemination of such information without affecting the privacy of the general public has become an urgent issue that various countries in the world are looking into.

IISI Open Data solution allows information to be publicly released by the government to be archived, analyzed, integrated, reviewed, and made available to the public. Data sharing platforms are built up to support Open Data, while a cross-agency data platform is used to promote an official regulation for open government data. Our solution helps improve the transparency and efficiency of government operations, streamline government services, and enhance economic benefits through improving data usability by the private sector.

In 2015 Global Open Data Index, Taiwan was ranked first out of 122 countries around the world in terms of open government data as rated by the Open Knowledge Foundation (OKFN) of UK. IISI is working under various government IT industry policies to provide cloud-based services and Open Data framework and standard services. The solutions have been utilized by public agencies such as Ministry of Culture, Ministry of the Interior, Department of Commerce of Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOE), National Development Council, Environmental Protection Administration of the Executive Yuan, Council of Agriculture of the Executive Yuan, National Health Insurance Administration of the Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW), Taiwan Hakka Culture Development Center of the Hakka Affairs Council, Taipei City Government, New Taipei City Government, Taoyuan City Government, and Kinmen County Government, making us the leader of Open Data solutions in Taiwan.