Social Networks

With the growth of the Internet’s function as a community platform, social networks and media have become agents of revolutionary change in business and consumer behavior. Based on the locations and preferences of potential clients businesses can push customized marketing information. Information sharing and exchange between netizens may be encouraged to use collective intelligence for collaboration, creating a business model based upon user-generated content that offers more innovative services.

IISI Bus Chat is an innovative app service for iOS and Android. It uses Open Data to integrate various social networks, while the Bus Chat app itself allows users to search the time table and dynamic information of bus services in Taipei City and New Taipei City. Augmented Reality (AR) technology is employed to quickly find bus arrival time at the specified station. Users may also meet new friends in the Bus Forum and use a real-time communication platform developed by the Institute for Information Industry to send messages and pictures, making the app the perfect help for learning new knowledge, making friends, and taking the bus.