IISI joined Taipei auto-driving bus innovation experiment program with its self-owned product InVignal


The Transportation Bureau of the Taipei municipal government announced last month the formal launch of the innovative experiment program for auto-driving buses on the dedicated bus lane on Xinyi Road in Taipei city. The auto-driving bus teams included the project are from Taiwan CAR Lab, IISI, Thinktron, AIMobile, Tron-e, Trollion Green Energy, Metropolitan Transport Corporation and other companies.

Mr. Mark Hsiao, Deputy General Manager of IISI, said that the in-vehicle sign information release platform (InVignal), a self-owned product developed by the intelligent transportation team of IISI, can provide warning of predicted signal status, seconds and road conditions along the driving route. By combining with navigation or vehicle system, it can improve the smooth and safe driving. Therefore, IISI is playing an important role in the auto-driving vehicle program by linking the Taipei traffic signal information system.

The auto-driving bus innovation experiment program is a one-year project, which is divided into three phases.

The first phase is from February to April, 2020: carry out preparation work, complete the construction of high-precision map, intelligent intersection, charging station and roadside safety notice board.

The second phase is from May to August 2020: the road tests of the vehicles, during which the staff will verify the actual situations that may be encountered on the road.

The third phase is from September 2020 to February 2021: the public experience will be gradually opened according to the test results in the second phase.