IISI has over thirty years of experience in information system development and establishment, over which time it has accumulated expertise in every area of the industry and acquired strong system integration and development capabilities. We have worked in the areas of public services, financial sector, telecom & internet servicess, smart city and healthcare information. Our planning of comprehensive solutions for customers in a variety of industries has been well received.

Public Services

In accordance with the demands of government agencies, our solutions are well-planned and structured appropriately. A safe and flexible information system is established and information is integrated, analyzed and disseminated across units so that stable and highly efficient services can be offered to support government policy and coordinate operational processes.


Financial Sector

Taking advantage of advanced information and communication technology, flexible architecture and the development of multi-component modules, complete and reliable financial solutions for the needs of the diversified business of financial institutes can be designed. In the meantime, business efficiency can be improved and operating costs reduced, creating much higher added value for the customer.


Telecom & Internet

With the advantages of Internet of things technologies together with multiple mobile devices, highly customized application integration solutions can be developed to meet the telecom & internet services needs of users.


Smart City

IISI offers a comprehensive smart city solution that covers the fields of transportation, disaster prevention and response, residence safety, medical care, and smart grids. Detection, surveillance, analysis, and cloud computing technologies can also be employed to establish smart IT infrastructure and innovative applications and services, helping governments to build sustainable and smart cities.



IISI assists medical institutes in information management with practical experience of integrating complex medical system and huge amounts of medical data using solid technology. In the same time, IISI has the ability to provide remote healthcare and services so as to achieve the ideal of personal home care.