Most online ATMs used by banks throughout Taiwan have continued to rely upon IE and require the installation of ActiveX controllers. Alternatively, other browsers may be used but this would require third party plugins. Neither of these provided any form of convenience. The Edge and Chrome browsers for the Windows operating system do not support external plugins. Security controllers of online ATM would therefore need to be re-designed as services that could be installed at the clients’ end to replace existing plugins. In current online ATM systems, only minute changes to the website would be needed to determine if the component should be used. No additional changes to the frontend or backend system framework would be required. The financial transaction security control component offered by International Integrated Systems, Inc. (IISI) basically covers all online ATM transactions and functions. The security control mechanisms offered could also be simultaneously applied to e-banking operations to improve the levels of security.


The BTSM financial transaction security control component provides the following functions


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