The iHD Hemodialysis IT System can fully meet the clinical care needs of nursing staffs, providing various automated services and outputs. Those are immediate access to medical records, instant transmission of the information of the physiological monitors, evaluation report generation that meet the criteria of kidney medical society. The system is focus on patient cares and medical record managements, which can greatly improve the efficiency of medical institutions and medical staffs, help nurses to withdraw the burden of complicated paperwork, and effectively improve the clinical care quality of hemodialysis.


iHD includes 5 system modules: hemodialysis S.O.P. module, nursing care module, hemodialysis machine management module, statistical report module, and administration module.



Flexible customization of iHD accords to each clinic’ s budgets and network environment.

Applicable Sectors

The customers of the iHD system are medical institutions of Hemodialysis, such as hemodialysis clinic and hemodialysis centers of the hospitals.