Transportation Resource Management System

A Management Tool for Resource Scheduling Coordination

Resource Management System (RMS) provides management for shipping, maritime, rail, and road transport, scheduling the frequency of runs, duty services, logistical support staff and other important company resources. It is a highly integrated system capable of producing the best scheduling program under a variety of constraints to achieve different objectives. RMS not only allows multiple people to use the system at the same time, but also dynamically adjusts scheduling programs. In order to cope with any contingency, scheduling intervals can be adjusted at any time. As a result, RMS produces the most appropriate shift arrangement program so that schedule planning, release and exchange can be rendered to a number of management units in real time.


The system includes a crew data and duty management system, aircraft/vehicle dispatching arrangement system, duty management and shift arrangement system, crew payroll management system, crew attendance management system for report-for-duty, sign-out and vacation, aircraft/vehicle activities and other resource management systems.

Functions of the RMS are described as follows: