Trust Business Solution

Enhancing the competitive edge of bank trust services

Trust business solution assists the trust sector of banks to handle trust assets of clients more efficiently by not only providing complete functions such as asset management, transaction management, and customer service, but also enhancing ledger management and account quality management to fully ensure the rights and lives of the trustees, and creating a win-win-win situation for the bank as well as the labor and capital side of the client.


Functions of the next generation trust system solution include the following

  • Information exchange: Providing information transfer, message maintenance, file uploading format, and customized reports.
  • Accounts: Monthly accounting, tax deduction distribution calculations, and media reporting file creation.
  • Transaction management: Responsible for transfers, deposits and withdrawals, providing trustees lists, deposit/withdrawal information maintenance, and revenue distribution query, assisting trustees in maintaining their investment portfolio, buy-back maintenance of subject, ex-dividends and trust asset detention removal.
  • Master file maintenance: Including maintenance of account and trustee basic information as well as the allocation/withdrawal of annual and other fees.
  • Authorization management: Including release of transaction information, release of authorization, user access maintenance, security control maintenance, and such.


  • Web-based operation interface that is easy to use.
  • N-tier framework design that enhances the ductility of the system.
  • Open specification design that modularizes design functions and allows easier customization and integration.
  • The ensured completeness of transactions and improved security levels.
  • Interface that provides multiple currencies and languages.


The system enhances ledger management, improves the processing speed of complex trust accounts, lowers the risks and costs of manual handling, and grasps the needs of clients more efficiently. It also enhances the financial services of branches to assist clients properly allocate and use assets and create trust services of high quality.


  • Chinatrust Commercial Bank