eWBS brings the success to the resume of flight services of Far Eastern Air Transport


(2011/4/21,Taipei) Intelligent Living Solutions Provider- International Integrated Systems, Inc. (IISI), has cooperated with Far Eastern Air Transport (FAT) since April 2011, by offering the enhanced Weight and Balance System (eWBS). Through optimized load distribution and remote management, eWBS improves the operational efficiency and checking mechanism, and ensures flight safety, all and all brings the success to the resume of flight services of FAT.

Different from the traditional load management system, eWBS can operate on a personal computer based server. For the load operators, the user-friendly interface can shorten the training from 40 hours to 4 hours, and enhance Trim Rate by 34% along with the loading instruction report and form. Not only can eWBS enhance operation efficiency, simplify the operational process, but it can also strengthen service quality. eWBS can be described as a powerful tool for flight safety, management convenience, and operational productivity.

In addition to Far Eastern Air Transport, eWBS is also used by EVA Air and China Airlines to manage weight & Balance and load control. From the experience acquired from MD-11F and B747-400F aircraft using eWBS, each flight saves around 0.2% to 1% of fuel consumption and about US$400,000 per aircraft on a yearly basis. With the time of soaring fuel prices increased, eWBS is your ideal profit making assistant!

About eWBS

IISI offers enhanced Weight and Balance System (eWBS), which is capable of auto plan, through calculating optimize weight and distribution to reach payload maximum, ensure flight safety and save on fuel consumption; moreover, eWBS was design to assist staff operation efficiently and effectively, minimize human errors and reduce overall operation cost for the management, in the end enhance market competitiveness.