IISI CEO Fan, Chang-Kang was invited to grace the opening ceremony of the “Tainan Smart Transportation Center”


“Tainan Smart Transportation Center” was opened and unveiled on July 24 during the inauguration hosted by Mayor Huang, Wei-Cher; IISI CEO Fan, Chang-Kang was invited to grace the occasion. It is the first full-scale transportation center in Taiwan, jointly established by IISI and the Tainan City Government.  The “Tainan Smart Transportation Center,” according to Mayor Huang, includes five systems:  intelligent transportation control, intelligent public transportation, intelligent parking management, intelligent transportation sharing, and an intelligent cloud platform, which could master traffic conditions, real-time bus info and the parking information of Tainan City. It also further incorporates the monitoring of T-bike and other vehicles. It is a full-scale intelligent transportation center with official business, education and entertainment functions.

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