Big Data

In the era of Big Data where information grows at an exponential rate, Big Data is characterized by large volume, high velocity, and rich variety (3Vs). In the face of such revolutionary change, government and business must obtain and handle information from additional sensors or social networking software for reference, support decision making processes, and initiate other innovative applications. However, the use of conventional data architectures means that more money would be required to achieve these objectives or establish new systems.

The Hadoop Big Data analysis platform released by IISI is capable of performing various types of data integration and analysis. Open source and commercial software are integrated in this proprietary architecture with functions that enable clients to rapidly plan and establish the basis, applications, and maintenance services for Big Data analysis. This solution has been successfully implemented in transport, agriculture, logistics, telecommunications, medical care, and other sectors for many years. Features include NoSQL data warehousing, storage of historical data, real-time data calculations, and business intelligence. Thus IISI has accumulated a deep technical skill set for quick integration and analysis of Big Data, helping clients to improve decision-making abilities and market perception. The Hadoop Big Data analysis platform is now successfully implemented in such government agencies as the Department of Transportation, Taoyuan; Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare; and Taiwan Forestry Research Institute, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan.