Digital Banking

As IISI enters the age of digital banking, the financial industry is working hard to apply emerging technologies by accurately assessing customer requirements on a real-time basis. Existing system environments, departments, and processes of financial institutions are also integrated to improve operational efficiency to provide customers with an all-encompassing and omni-channel digital financial service. However, continuous business growth also necessitates continuous expansion of IT systems. IT interfaces and service provision architecture that once worked smoothly would often grow into complicated point-to-point service models and systems that are difficult to maintain. Today, many financial institutions face the challenge of integrating and coordinating these diverse systems and services.

Bankwiz, from IISI, is a service-oriented system that provides an integrated platform with both service oriented architecture (SOA) and API management functions. Features include standard interface specifications, service control, and flexible architecture designs. Advanced system administration and service supervision functions are also provided so that system administrators can easily establish the required services as well as analyze and inspect service usage statuses, which can then be used to determine any service management or resource allocations required. Bankwiz thus offers the benefits of rapid development, effective management, and re-use of available services. API management functions can also be used to flexibly integrate third party services and attain the desired goal of digital banking.

IISI has worked with the financial sector for many years and offers a comprehensive of digital finance solutions that include core banking solution, bank branches solution, and report on demand (ROD). More than 80% of banks in Taiwan today are clients of IISI. Our clientele has also been expanded to include customers from Mainland China and Southeast Asia. Currently, our main clients in the banking sector include Cathay United Bank, E-Sun Bank, Fubon Bank, Citibank, Mega International Commercial Bank, Yuanta Commercial Bank, First Bank, Shin Kong Bank, Bank of Taiwan, UOB (Singapore), Wing Lung Bank (Hong Kong), and Bank of Qingdao (China).