DES Encryption and Decryption Application Components

DES Encryption and Decryption Application Components provide the integration of software or hardware encryption/decryption operational modules to customize the various security control application services required for the transaction systems. The components contain the platform technologies, such as JAVA and .NET, as well as security control components and ability to authorize the authentication servers, such as DES and RSA algorithms.

DES Encryption/Decryption Application Components also integrate multiple existing financial services used in bank institutions, including ATM network, the issuance and transaction of chip cards, printing of password letters, and other relevant applications services.


  • Development of security control components for front-end systems
  • High-speed data encryption/decryption operations, digital signature, password authentication, and key management for back-end system
  • Chip card issuance and checking applications
  • Transaction verification for credit card and next-generation chip cards
  • Development and building of ATM network security control module
  • Building of envelope printing module for password letters


  • Experienced Project Team: On average, team members have 10 years of project experiences, providing customers with stable system building and maintenance.
  • Customization: Providing architecture of software operation or hardware distortion equipment under different project environments and costs.
  • Comprehensive System Integration: Equipped with CMO security control and building ability of IBM large host, which directly provides encryption/decryption operations on the host.
  • Network connection encryption/decryption services: Providing host encryption/decryption operations via network connection through the external security control server.
  • Complete key building service: Providing complete key building and management functions, supporting multi-server key sync operations.


In order to successfully expand the business, the security level of various application systems is enhanced to meet the requirement from authorities or organizations.

  • Enhancing the security level of various application systems to prevent leakage of confidential information.
  • Complying with the security specifications of various authorities and international organizations to successfully expand different businesses.


  • Security Control Server
    First Bank, Hua Nan Bank, Chinfon Commercial Bank, Union Bank of Taiwan, Taichung Commercial Bank, The Fifth Credit Cooperation of Taipei, The Second Credit Cooperative of Keelung, Pan Chiao Farmers' Association, Prime Credit Card, CyberSoft Digital Services Corp, China Development Industrial Bank.
  • Host Security Control Transaction System
    Hua Nan Bank, Fubon Financial, Taiwan Cooperative Bank, Mega Bank International Co., Ltd., Taiwan Business Bank, E. Sun Bank, Financial Information Service Co. Ltd., Cathay United Bank Chunghwa Post.
  • WebATM
    Hua Nan Bank, Chinatrust Commercial Bank, Standard Chartered Bank