Seal and Customer Identification System

Seal and Customer Identification System was developed mainly for the needs of centralized bank operations such as using seals, incorporating document image, portrait, seal management, and others. The computerization and automation of seal management and recognition have increased the accuracy and reliability of seal recognition, and also lowered the possibility of criminal activities using forged seals. The SCI system can integrate the Image Banking module to provide tellers with a single platform to conduct operational process for account opening and thus a more efficient customer service.


  • Automatic documentation for account opening can automatically open a new account with seal information using the image and seal scanning platform.
  • Integrated revision integrates all account procedures and seal usages for different services within the bank belonging to the client.
  • Reporting can provide daily/monthly reports for file statistics, list of account openings in branches, list of documents to be scanned, list of seal cards added/written off, and other information to management for review control and performance analysis.
  • System maintenance/authority management allows a single back deck interface for adjusting details such as user log setting, security control review, rejection reasons, and authorization from management.


  • Image server conducts centralized management for the bank and provides instant inter-branch access to the seals.
  • High quality double sided scanner provides clearer images.
  • Automatic retrieval of seals reduces the time to establish files.
  • Using the same technical platform as the iBranch solutions provides high levels of technical skill sharing.
  • Using standard JPEG format and provides encryption and decryption program coding to protect important image assets.
  • Using XML and HTTP mode to communicate and enhances integration abilities with other systems.


  • Integrating current account opening process, simplifies branch operations, and enhancing efficiency.
  • Unified format voucher management can cite different accounts and efficiently manage all the accounts of the client.
  • Use of the system's auditing function lowers human error and reduces mistakes from manual operations.
  • Centralized database management and monitoring significantly reduces overall operating costs and can improve the efficiency of newly established branches.


  • Chinatrust Commercial Bank