Image Banking & Operation Center

Image Banking & Operation Center uses information technology such as image scanning to replace paper certificate with electronic images to bear business information. The front deck uploads to the operation cater via the network for centralized handling. Using the work process system, the transaction center automatically allocates transaction tasks between transaction center personnel, and at the same time, handles accounts via core business system transactions. Hence, a professional concentrated handling mode is achieved by separating transaction acceptance from transaction handling, and concentrating the reviewing and account handling to the back deck.

Centralized handling separates the transaction into several steps for different units to handle, thus simplifying the handling time for branch teller/manager and achieving the beneficial results of higher efficiency, risk control and lower costs


Using image technology to separate the services of the front and back deck allows for a process better than the competition, improved operational efficiency, and realized benefits. The alteration focuses on two key points:
With image-based transactions, the system is used to replace manual handling and risk control, thus expanding the development capacity of the branch.
Centralized control of authorization from branch manager through image handling allows auditors to remotely check document images whenever necessary.


Importing account opening images simplify the operations of the front desk. By using electronic files and documents, the front desk sends the scanned files or documents to the centralized operation center provided by the image company. Then they are completed by corresponding center personnel accepting the files or documents after collecting and compiling. Shortened operation time saves the handling time of the front desk and improves marketing services to the client.


  • Front desk benefits
    Workflow platform can be used to strengthen the standard process for front and back desks, shorten transaction time for branches, enhance marketing service abilities of branches, and improve client service levels. Thus, client satisfaction and loyalty are improved.
  • Back desk benefits
    Centralized management enhances the professional levels of personnel, improves the handling process, and realizes the goal of higher handling efficiency, lower error rates, lower operational costs, and strengthened risk control.